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Wicca: Watchtowers




  • The four watchtowers are associated, in Wicca, with the four cardinal directions – North, East, South and West. They are symbolic structures called upon to guard over a circle during a ritual, and are dismissed when the ceremony is complete.
  • Also known as guardians.

The Four Quarters, Watchtowers or Airts (pronounced eights) are the guardians of the Magick Circle, and are welcomed into your sacred space to protect, bless and witness your workings. The Watchtowers represent the totality of all existence and the furthest extent of being. They correspond to the four Directions and the four Elements. From ancient times the Universe was believed to stretch outwardly toward the four Directions and to be composed inwardly of the four Elements. When we invoke the Watchtowers we symbolize our connection to all things which exist.

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Yes, We Pray!


Some people have questioned whether or not Pagans pray, believing it to be a construct of patriarchal churches. But yes, we pray - and we should absolutely reclaim and glory in this important practice. 
The word pray comes from Latin roots meaning “obtained by entreaty.” 
When we pray, we may simply seek to talk with our Gods and Goddesses, or we may entreat them - asking them for help, guidance, strength, etc. 
Select a time of day for regular prayer-morning works well for many people. Light a candle and either speak what’s on your mind spontaneously or repeat a prayer of your choice. Your prayer needn’t be long, but it should be done mindfully. 
Here’s a morning prayer you might try: 

"Mindful now, I come to pray, here beneath the rising sun. Guide me safely through the day, shielded ‘til this day is done."

— with Ester Clifton.

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